Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge – BBC2

Louis Theroux looks at motherhood, and at the women for whom it's a step too far

In Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge, Louis Theroux looks at motherhood, and at the women for whom it’s a step too far

Filmmaker Louis Theroux sensitively explores the subject of mental health and motherhood in this powerful documentary, which looks at conditions including postpartum psychosis, depression and anxiety.

As he visits two specialist psychiatric units, Louis meets new mums including Catherine, who has been sectioned after trying to take an overdose, and Lisa, who is recovering from a series of psychotic episodes and is terrified of going home.

Mothers on the Edge

Louis Theroux with new mum Catherine

“We’re told motherhood is a cause for celebration and joy,” says Louis. But new mums can often feel overbearing pressure to have feelings of love that might not be there in the way they want them to be.

“Encouraging people to open up about that can only be positive.”

Thanks to the brave and honest contributions from his interviewees, Louis’ look at a rarely discussed topic is not only revelatory, but also vital, viewing.

A credit to the BBC’s Mental Health season.

TV Times rating: *****