Louisa learns the Doc’s big secret!

Doctor Martin Ellingham’s secret mission to cut a path back to the world of surgery is exposed to Louisa – and that’s not his only problem. The Doc is also confronted with an irritating midwife, Molly O’Brien (guest star Gemma Craven), and a new cook at Bert and Al’s restaurant who could be bad for the health of diners.

Midwife Molly has a fondness for holistic medicine, which the Doc appreciates about as much as he does being stalked by Buddy, the Jack Russell. When Louisa develops an infection the Doc prescribes antibiotics. But Molly talks her into using a natural remedy. When Louisa develops a temperature a furious Doc tears into Molly. But what’s the prognosis for Louisa and the baby?

Meanwhile, Bert seems to have found an admirer in his new cook, Marigold, but she’s not all that she seems and a family illness could pose a risk to customers. But will smitten Bert think with his heart or his head?

The Doc always thinks with his head. He’s making great progress in conquering his blood phobia and tells his Aunt Joan about his plans to return to work as a surgeon. She suggests he tell Louisa but, before he can, Louisa overhears Edith telling him he’s got the job in London. How’s Louisa going to feel about that?!