Louise and Mandy finalise their plan

Mandy tells Tony she’s ended all ties with Louise and Warren and agrees to spend Christmas Day with him. Later, Mandy is horrified when Louise admits she lied about Warren killing Sean. When an hysterical Louise starts blaming Mandy for everything, Mandy apologises and agrees to walk down the aisle with manipulative Louise.

Warren and Calvin bond at the stag do, but it’s interrupted by the arrival of Warren’s foster brother Spencer, and Warren soon replaces Ravi with Spencer as best man. When Ravi helps Warren clear out CCTV footage from The Loft, he finds some compromising footage of Warren and Mandy and pockets the DVD. Later, Anita is searching Ravi’s pockets for cash, when she finds the disc.

Frustrated about her nativity disaster, Carmel cheers up when Hannah, Elliot, Justin and Russ turn up and serenade her into returning to direct the play. The play goes ahead with Carmel at the helm – but near disaster strikes when Elliot’s star of Bethlehem rocket makes an unplanned explosion.

As the wedding day arrives, Louise struggles with the reality of her plan to kill Warren. Meanwhile, Warren attempts to leave a piece of jewellery under Louise’s pillow, but finds someone has already left a more sinister gift…

With Myra reluctant to celebrate Christmas, Michaela and Theresa put up decorations while Myra and Jacqui visit the cemetery to pay their respects to Tina. Later, after Anita turns up with the DVD featuring Warren and Mandy, Myra and Jacqui decide to disrupt Louise’s big day. Meanwhile, Tony reluctantly agrees to accompany Mandy to the wedding.

Also, Frankie apologises to Newt for their pitiful Christmas celebrations, but Newt insists it’s one of his best Christmases ever and tells a furious Lauren that he has to stay with Frankie and can’t celebrate with her.

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