While Calvin is gutted after dumping Louise, Warren seizes the chance to offer Louise a shoulder to cry on. He tells her that Calvin should have accepted her despite the past, and reveals the true nature of his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, after being gazumped by Mercedes in the marriage proposal stakes, Russ is determined to do things his way and enlists Tina’s help in picking out an engagement ring for her. Later, at The Dog, Russ gets into romantic mode, and gathers Jacqui and Tina together as he asks Mercedes to marry him.

But it’s all too much for an emotional Tina who tells Tony that she wishes Dominic would propose to her. Tony attempts to comfort Tina by telling her that love can still exist outside of marriage but he’s forced to think about following his own advice when he meets up with Jacqui for the first time since her wedding.

Elsewhere, Mike is unimpressed with Amy, who’s still acting like a carefree teenager by cavorting all over the village with Josh, rather than looking after her baby.

Also, on the search for a brand new business venture, OB and Max are optimistic when they buy a batch of Easter Eggs off Justin. But they’re unaware the eggs are way past their sell-by date.

*Screened on TV3, Monday April 23*