Louise and Warren make amends

Mandy tries to persuade Warren to apologise to Louise, but he stubbornly refuses to budge. Louise is even more unhappy when Cindy cattily tells her that Warren stayed at theirs last night. Furious, Louise storms round to Mandy’s to have it out with her but backs down when she realises Warren slept on the sofa. After advice from Mandy, Louise cooks a romantic meal for Warren and asks him if he’ll marry her in Mauritius.

Growing more uneasy about Tom’s dependence on Niall for friendship, Steph tries to keep Niall away from Tom by telling him Niall is away. But her lie is revealed when Niall turns up at Mobs with a kite. A stung Niall realises Steph lied about him and backs out, leaving Tom upset and Steph feeling guilty. Steph apologises to Niall who reveals he likes her. Later, Steph is surprised to receive a delivery of a park bench dedicated to Max, paid for by Niall.

When Newt meets the social worker with Frankie, he is stunned to hear he can go home. However, Newt later confides in Lauren that he is terrified of what will happen when he gets out of hospital. What if Eli comes back?

Also, Darren prepares to sign the insurance papers.

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