Sharon and the Beales are stunned to discover that Phil is in hospital, when Louise turns up in the Square with the news. Refusing to believe Louise, Sharon bitterly tells everyone to leave her house. But some harsh words from Louise cause Sharon to give Phil the benefit of the doubt.

Worried about Phil, Kathy and Shirley head to the hospital and are surprised to find Sharon is already there, revealing that Phil has discharged himself. The ladies find a drunk Phil in the Vic, who causes trouble when they try to get him to leave, accidentally injuring Kathy. With Dennis due home from hospital, Sharon calls Gavin saying she wants him in her life.

Stacey’s erratic behaviour continues to concern Martin, who finds her manically searching her room for something to put into Charlie’s coffin, claiming it’s a gift to God. Unable to cope, Martin asks Sonia’s advice. Meanwhile, when Mo tells Kat to stay away from Charlie’s funeral she sadly agrees. After viewing Charlie’s body to say goodbye, however, Kat decides to be at the funeral no matter what.

Also, Shirley agrees to let Nancy run The Vic for a bit when Mick and Linda decide to stay on their honeymoon for a while longer.