Louise confides in Warren

With Warren in full romantic mode, Louise finds herself questioning his nice guy act. But Warren assures her he’s serious about proving himself to her. Louise’s good mood is dashed by Clare who spitefully hints how her abortion has tainted her relationship with Warren. Later, Warren is bewildered when Louise returns home with Clare’s comments on her mind, asks him what he thinks about the abortion, and questions whether they should be together.

Nancy is bewildered when Sarah tells her she still loves Craig despite his betrayal. Later, when Craig visits Sarah to try to explain himself, she tries to convince him they can salvage their relationship by going to Dublin. Meanwhile, John-Paul is shattered when Nancy reveals that Craig is at Sarah’s begging her to take him back. Unaware that Craig has told Sarah he really wants John-Paul, John-Paul refuses to open the door when Craig comes to visit.

While Sasha worries whether her dad is going to come back, she wonders whether her half-sister Lauren is normal. She’s disturbed to get home from school and find her writing songs with Fletch. Annoyed, she shows Fletch the door, but ends up bonding with her sister as they begin writing songs about him.