Louise decides to return to Australia

*One-hour episode*

Louise is stunned when Jonty (Mark Little) arrives and asks her to leave for Australia with him. Jamie sees them and he punches Jonty after jumping to conclusions. Louise decides to go to Australia when Jonty reveals that he has secured her loads of work after her beauty contest win. Bob and Terry learn the truth and rush to find Jamie and convince him that Louise’s relationship with Jonty is innocent. Jamie begs Louise to marry him and they leave for Australia together!

Donna takes her frustrations out on Ross after confronting him about Shane’s game playing. Ross reveals that he’s applied for a transfer to London in a bid to do the right thing. Donna is horrified and begs him to stay and they end up in a passionate embrace. But when Donna realises Shane has seen everything she is horrified that she has put her marriage in jeopardy yet again.

Donald ensures the Kings’ main investor pulls out and Anna feels guilty at the Kings’ business begins to crumble. Matthew and Carl try to get their hands on Scarlett’s inheritance to save the business, but they fail and Matthew begs Anna to invest to save them.

Also, Marlon plans an alternative Christmas menu for The Woolpack.