Louise dumps Jamie

Jamie organises another wine-tasting session with Amelia and has to invent an excuse when Louise asks him to collect firewood for the bonfire. Louise sees Jamie with Amelia and immediately assumes they are having an affair. Louise is gutted that Jamie has ‘cheated’ on her and she refuses to believe his explanations. Louise declares she’s going to move on and she arranges a date with another man. Jamie is devastated.

Andy and Victoria are due in court for their separate court cases over the fire at Annie’s Cottage. While Andy makes his Crown Court appearance, Victoria is teased by her schoolfriends about her Youth Court appearance the following day. Victoria later receives nasty anonymous text messages that claim she’ll go to prison. Jack is devastated as his family starts to fall apart.

Perdy is nervous about going to hospital to have her eggs harvested for the surrogacy. She apologises to Gray for delaying the procedure and claims that she’s worried that Katie will have to deal with the village gossips. Gray suggests that they ask Katie to move in with them so they can look after her.

Also, Ross’s ex-girlfriend Kirsty returns to the village; Jonny vows to get in shape for the wedding.