Louise dumps Jamie!

Jamie sneaks off from work to spend some time with Louise but they’re interrupted by a furious Viv knocking at the door, wanting to know where he’s got to. A panicky Louise demands that Jamie get rid of Viv before she sees them together. Jamie is hurt that Louise is ashamed to be seen with him and when he demands that they go public, she finishes with him!

Jack is grateful to Billy for saving Victoria’s bacon at the school but he feels hurt when he realises that Victoria feels more comfortable confiding in Billy than him. Jack encourages Victoria to open up to him whenever she needs to, but Victoria later talks to Billy about her problems.

Jo is run off her feet trying to look after the goats with little help from Andy. When the gate is left open, one of the goats makes a bid for freedom and ends up causing chaos in the village after stealing a pair of Edna’s smalls! Jo decides to get a stall on the farmer’s market for her goats’ milk, but Andy is sceptical.

Also, Duke invites Andrea and Ryan over and tells Andrea that Terry fancies her.