Louise’s concerns about Hari’s testimony continue to grow, especially when Carrie points out that his proposal was very convenient. Louise tells Hari that she’s pulling out of the court case, but he loses his cool and throws her against the wall. A horrified Louise escapes in the car, and Scarlett tries to stop Hari by jumping into his passenger seat. Hari zooms off anyway and pursues a terrified Louise, who loses control on her car. A horrified Hari and Scarlett find Louise unconscious.

Viv spends all her spare time on organising her pageant float to take her mind off Bob’s disappearance. Viv realises she needs a Winston Churchill for the float now that Bob’s gone and asks Eddie to step into the role. Jamie worries that Eddie seems to be getting his feet under the table.

Turner is disappointed when the villagers are unexcited at the prospect of his mystery celebrity guest to open the pageant. But with the celebrity on their way, Turner insists that the villagers form a welcoming committee. Everyone is genuinely impressed when the mystery guest turns out to be opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

Also, Dan arrives to see Sharon.