Louise is arrested

Louise returns from Sean’s funeral wracked with guilt and angry about having to lie to Sean’s mum. But Warren is more concerned to hear that the police turned up at the funeral and is worried Louise is going to crack, especially when Louise receives Sean’s life-insurance payout.

Meanwhile, Zak is taken in for questioning as he was the last person to see Sean alive. He nervously ends up implicating Warren before inadvertently implicating Louise. As Warren convinces Louise everything will be OK, Louise is arrested on suspicion of murder…

Amy calls on Sasha but finds it awkward to talk with Leo watching over them. Left alone, Sasha reluctantly tells a horrified Amy that Ste sold her the heroin. Devastated Amy confronts Ste, and emotions get out of control as Ste lashes out at Amy…

As she and Max bicker during their shifts at Mobs, Steph begins to doubt if Max really is the one for her. Later, Steph confides her problems to Niall, and the instant attraction between them leads to a kiss. Steph is full of guilt when Max arrives and announces he’s set a date for the wedding, leaving Niall gutted.

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