Louise is distraught

A distraught Louise hides her heartbreak as she looks after Warren. In a desperate attempt to hear how much he loves her, Louise suggests they both write their wedding vows. Louise gets upset when she reads her vows declaring how much she loves him. After Warren takes his turn, Louise asks him if he has any doubts about their future.

Warren blatantly lies and insists it’s only ever been her, which hardens Louise’s feelings towards him. Later, Louise insists on meeting up with Mandy where she lays into her for ruining her life. She then tells Mandy that she can never leave Warren because he killed Sean.

Suzanne is irritated when Holly arrives at The Dog and asks Rhys to look after her. Having had enough of Cindy, Suzanne sacks her. Rhys embarks on a plan to get Cindy her job back, and takes advantage of Neville’s soft nature. Cindy ends up being made Duty Manager of The Dog, much to Suzanne’s horror.

Anita is shocked to find out that Leila swapped her art degree for a law degree and Leila is humiliated to discover that she is the Halls food thief, stealing it in her sleep.

Also, Sasha is suspicious when she sees Calvin meeting up with Warren.

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