Louise is in deep trouble

As she waits to be interviewed by police, Louise desperately hopes that Warren will find a solicitor to save her. But Warren’s bravado is dented when D.I. Tyler insists she has a strong case against Louise. During questioning, Louise’s account of her relationship with Sean seems increasingly incriminating, and Louise’s anxiety grows when Tyler presents her with forensic evidence that links her to Sean’s body.

Warren tries to quash village rumours of Louise’s guilt but Carmel is the only person to believe she’s innocent. Later, Louise’s world comes crashing down when Tyler reveals she’s being charged with Sean’s murder.

Amy is too hurt to listen to Ste’s explanations of why he hit her and sends him away. But when distraught and guilty Ste returns, desperate to make amends, Amy has to decide whether she can forgive him.

Growing more uncomfortable at Mike and Zoe’s relationship, Sarah hits on a plan to show Mike how his relationship makes her feel. She introduces Roger to Mike and Zoe as her boyfriend, and forces them all on an uncomfortable double date.

Also, Steph feels uneasy when Niall reminds her of their kiss the day before.

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