Frankie is livid to discover that Louise has been freed from prison. Darren demands the money he’s owed from Louise but she isn’t convinced, and tells him Frankie has to be set straight if they’re going to cough up the cash. Darren tries to persuade Frankie of Jake�s guilt to save the future of The Dog, but Frankie is determined to prove otherwise.

Louise returns from prison a hardened woman. When Frankie confronts her in Il Gnosh, she refutes Frankie’s claims that Jake is innocent, and coldly refuses to give Darren the money he’s owed. Darren leaves dejected, while Louise embarks on a solo-drinking session.

Niall promises to keep quiet about John-Paul and Kieron’s relationship and is forced to lie when Myra demands to know where John-Paul has been all night. Knowing that John Paul is still at the flat, Niall is forced to reveal that Mercedes punched Kieron, prompting Myra to head off to apologise to the priest.

John-Paul hides as Myra barges in demanding an explanation, and Kieron manages to deflect her queries but promises to come round for tea. Later, he is shocked when Myra tearfully confesses that she gave up her first born son…

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