Calvin and Louise are devastated about the loss of their baby, with Louise racked with guilt about what she’s done. Calvin’s suspicious when he overhears Clare reassure Louise that she has nothing to feel guilty about.

Clare covers for Louise by telling Calvin that Louise has been feeling under pressure living with the Valentines. Feeling responsible, Calvin decides to make it up to Louise by taking her out to dinner. However, he’s stunned when a guilty Louise makes a shock confession…

With Myra still making him and Carmel feel guilty about their relationship, Aleksander attempts to win her over by cooking her a fish supper. At first, Myra’s less than impressed, but then begins to wonder if she’s doing the right thing, standing in the way of true love. And with Carmel feeling she can’t carry on with Aleksander without Myra’s approval, it’s left to her mum to decide whether to give the couple her blessing.

Nancy’s pleased at the prospect of a night away from revision when a spruced up Jake suggests treating her to a night out. But she’s less than impressed when they end up at The Dog.

Also, Steph’s feeling despondent at her failure to get her hands on her inheritance.

*Screened on TV3, Monday June 18*