Louise is unhappy with Warren

With Louise still unhappy with Warren after his belittling comments, Mandy tells Warren that Louise just wants to be taken seriously and offers to plan their wedding as a surprise. Thinking it will be a romantic gesture, Warren agrees to keep it a secret, but they are caught out when Louise approaches, furious.

Warren tries to make amends by asking her to get married in Mauritius but, just as Louise is warming to the idea, Warren lets slip that Mandy has planned it all. Their argument escalates into a slanging match, prompting Warren to turn to Mandy for comfort…

Zoe is excited about going to the festival with Mike, but when a tearful Amy begs Mike to take her to the dentist, Mike chooses Amy over her. Hiding her upset and deciding to go the festival anyway, she offers Zak the spare ticket. But just as they are about to leave, Mike turns up, having had second thoughts. He and a happy Zoe head to the festival leaving Zak out in the cold again.

Also, Elliot tells Sarah he is still a virgin and Niall tries to get closer to Steph by making friends with Tom.

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