Louise plots more revenge

Louise continues to plot her revenge against Warren as he obliviously plans their perfect wedding. Meanwhile, Mandy worries about going through with Louise’s plan. Louise puts pressure on her by telling Mandy it’s the only way to get Warren out of their lives for good. Mandy agrees, but is oblivious that Louise is also plotting revenge on her, while watching CCTV footage of Warren and Mandy kissing passionately in The Loft. Later, Louise rifles through the safe and finds a gun.

Struggling with the effects of not taking his medication, Newt desperately tries to block Eli out. Hurt by Newt’s rejection, Lauren is concerned to see that Eli is back and wants to know why. Newt eventually reveals he has stopped taking his medication to be close to her. Lauren encourages Newt to take his tablets, but he is sad that she will never understand how they make him feel. Later, in an effort to be more understanding, Lauren takes Newt’s tablets.

Tony feels guilty after rejecting Jacqui’s advances yesterday and offers to look after Max while she goes to see Ash. Later he is relieved when Calvin tells him all charges have been dropped against him.

Also, Carmel, Mike and Cindy hold X Factor-style auditions for the village nativity.

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