As their wedding day draws nearer, Louise plots Warren‘s downfall. Mandy is reluctant to help, so Louise tells her the truth behind Jake Dean’s incarceration. Louise then reveals she plans to marry Warren and then get him sent down for Sean’s murder, which would leave the grieving widow and mistress to share Warren’s fortune. But Mandy is uninterested in Louise’s plan and tells her to leave her alone.

Increasingly concerned about Mandy’s involvement in his wedding, Warren offers her 5000 pounds to leave Hollyoaks for ever. Insulted, Mandy immediately tells Louise that she’ll do whatever it takes to bring about Warren’s demise.

After bragging to Bel that she got an A grade in her last law assignment, Leila is forced to endure a family celebration, with half the clan knowing she is actually studying art. Leila rips into Anita when she appears at the table dressed as an Emo, but Anita gets her own back by announcing to the family that Leila is studying art. Bel feels betrayed by her daughter, but finally agrees to let Leila study art, providing she moves back home.

Also, Rhys is gutted to realise Cindy is just using him to look after Holly, and Cindy is furious with Darren for assuming she’ll come running whenever he asks.

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