Louise tries to win back Jamie

Louise regrets her dismissive attitude towards Jamie and she tries to talk to him, but he’s too hurt to hear her out. Donna suggests that she get one of her police colleagues to ‘arrest’ Jamie and bring him to the pub, so Louise can declare her feelings. When the police take the wrong Mr Hope and bring Bob, Louise is despairing but reveals how she feels about Jamie anyway. Jamie heard it all and he takes Louise into his arms.

Emily sadly resigns herself to having to leave the nursery nurse job but she’s surprised when Jo brings in Sarah. Jo lies that Andy has changed his mind, but Andy is furious when he finds out. Andy is forced to backtrack after realising that Sarah is happy at the playgroup and he grumpily agrees to let Emily stay put.

Lisa is horrified when she finds a poster advertising a bare knuckle fight between Zak and Mike O’Shea and she bans Zak from going ahead. Meanwhile, Belle finds out about her dad’s fighting past and she’s very impressed with his achievements!

Also, Viv enjoys her celebrity status after her picture appears in the Courier.