Louise wants a big favour from Jay

Will Louise convince Jay to help out the Mitchells in EastEnders?

Louise tries to take the pressure off Phil by looking after the Arches. Realising she’s out of her depth, Louise turns to a reluctant Jay for help. At the Mitchells, Phil confronts Louise over her decision to ask Jay to help out, saying he wants nothing to do with him. Insisting they need the help, Louise hopes that Phil will listen.

Johnny is frustrated when Ben refuses to give his amended statement about the attack to the police, because he doesn’t want to upset Phil. Showing Ben the tributes to Paul, Johnny convinces Ben to tell the police it was a homophobic attack. Breaking down, Ben decides he needs to explain to Les and Pam what really happened. After being called in to the police station to identify a suspect, Ben is disappointed when it’s not one of the men. When Ben sees one of the attackers in a car outside the police station, Johnny takes a picture of the number plate.

Mick and Buster talk to Lee about his doubts about being a dad, saying it’s natural to be nervous. When Lee seems to come round to the idea, Mick is relieved. Left alone, however, Lee picks up a leaflet about abortion…

Also, With the residents unimpressed by Belinda’s sales tactics for her new salon, Belinda is left frustrated, prompting Stacey and Kyle to offer her some advice.