Louise’s plotting continues…

*Hour-long episode*

Louise gives Mandy ten thousand pounds as a security blanket for taking part in the revenge plan against Warren. Later, Warren apologises to Mandy for what happened between them and Mandy feels torn when he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Louise.

Mandy’s worry increases when Frankie admits she’s unsure if Jake is innocent and begins to doubt that Warren is guilty of Sean’s murder. Meanwhile, Mandy is oblivious to Louise’s plan to frame her for Warren’s murder, but Louise discovers something which could change everything – she’s pregnant.

Tony is shocked when Mandy reveals she’s told Louise about her affair with Warren, that Louise believes Warren killed Sean and that Louise plans to shoot Warren after their wedding. Tony urges Mandy to walk away – but Mandy insists she can’t let Louise ruin his life.

Warren dismisses Mandy when she tries to confide her fears to him. Later, Louise is alarmed when Mandy informs her she can’t take part in the plan, leaving Louise panicking. Will she still go through with it?

As Eli tries to entice Newt away from the village, Newt vows to banish Eli from his life for good. Later, Frankie learns that Newt has finished with Lauren – but Newt admits to Lauren that it’s all a ploy to keep Leo and Frankie off their backs.

Carmel is ploughing ahead with her nativity, and when her team of helpers let her down, Russ, Justin, Leila and Elliot soon find themselves starring in the play. Also, Carmel is jealous when she hears Louise is pregnant.

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