Maddie is mugged on her way to school, and her dad Jez is furious. He decides to hold a self-defence class at the school, but it goes wrong when Tariq manages to show off his skills and tackles Jez to the floor – embarrassing him in front of the class. Mr Byrne tells Jez Tariq must lead the class, but Jez isn’t impressed.

Finn decides to befriend Tariq so that he can reveal that he and Trudi are dating. They team up and go on a mission to find the boys who stole Maddie’s phone. Returning to school triumphantly, the boys are new best friends. But they get into an argument, and Finn reveals that he is dating Tariq’s sister Trudi, and Tariq goes wild – chasing Finn and beating him to the ground.

Michael Byrne is looking back over the CCTV footage that was taken of him chasing his attacker Wayne from the school gates. Shamed, he takes the DVD recording and puts it in his pocket. But little does he know, Phoenix still has the footage of what happened on his mobile.

When the police turn up to question Mr Byrne about what happened, he lies and denies he had anything to do with Wayne being hit by the van.