Love is in the air

Olive and Jimmy find themselves spending a lot more time together this week when they decide to secretly enter All The Small Things in the North West Choral Heats. But when Olive overhears her friends making cruel speculations about her personal life she reveals to Esther that the rest of the choir are trying to con her into taking part in the competition.

With only 10 days until the contest, Michael is beginning to feel the loss of his old choir members. He’s also under pressure from Layla to start a family. Michael’s less than keen so it’s up to daughter Georgia to gently tell Layla that if she puts her pregnancy plans into action there’s every chance she’ll become a single mum. Yep, Michael has started to sniff around Esther again…

As the spark between Jake and Esther begins to catch fire, Layla’s involvement in the young curate’s past threatens to dampen the mood. When Esther catches them having an intimate moment, she gets the wrong end of the stick and declines to go out with him. And to add to the confusion, Michael attempts to kiss her during the competition’s intermission!

Both choirs manage to impress the judges and are through to the next round – where they will be going head-to-head in a singing showdown. But before the sabotage and backstabbing begins there’s some love in the air. Olive, who has only one leg from a motorbike accident, agrees to go out with Jimmy, who’s carrying a few emotional scars of his own.