Love is in the air for Ed

A mysterious woman called Kim arrives at Leopard’s Den and introduces herself to Ed. She says that she has some animals that need registering and asks Ed if he can help her. He becomes instantly taken with her, and so when she asks him out for a drink he can’t believe his luck.

However, when Dup sees what’s going on, he can’t believe that such a nice woman would want anything to do with Ed. When Ed and Kim go out for a drink, it becomes clear that Kim has Ed wrapped around her finger.

However, the real reason for Kim’s interest soon becomes clear, as it’s revealed that she’s an animal smuggler who’s out to con Ed. Dup and Ed hatch a plan to catch her out, but just as they put their plan of selling her a lion and capturing the evidence into practice, Danny returns from seeing Alice and new baby Robert in the UK. When he finds out what’s been going on while he’s been away, he’s furious. When Dup and Ed’s plan then backfires, they need Danny’s help. Luckily, the police arrest Kim and their lion is returned safely.