Series five opens with circus elephants discovering a better life away from the Big Top, a contest between Leopard’s Den and Mara – and a wedding!

Danny and Alice have rehabilitated a group of circus elephants but become victims of their own success as they now have too many elephants at Leopard’s Den. They need to move some to the National Park, but that means crossing Mara land and Vanessa, the owner of that reserve, still doesn’t want to do Danny any favours (she refused him help in the last series, remember).

Fortunately, Alice’s brother Rowan, who works at Mara, is more helpful – only because he knows that both Leopard’s Den and Mara are on the shortlist for a prize and he wants Danny distracted when the judges arrive.

But Rowan’s plans to capture the attention of the judges at Mara are unwittingly hijacked by Du Plessis… He and Caroline are getting married – if he can get to the wedding on time. Caroline’s old friend Gene (guest star Nicholas Le Provost) is visiting and has been attacked by the green-eyed monster.

He tries to scupper the wedding by having Du Plessis dumped in the middle of nowhere on his stag night. But Du Plessis finds a hot air balloon hired by Rowan to catch the judges’ eye and decides to use it to get to his wedding.