Love rat Steve gets his comeuppance

Michelle goes for lunch with JD, but she’s taken aback when moves in for a kiss. JD confesses that Steve told him their relationship is over and encouraged him to make a move. Michelle is furious and has a showdown with Steve who finally tells her that he doesn’t love her, but the couple agree to be grown up about things and call it quits. But when Lloyd has a row with Steve about his fling with Liz, he spitefully tells Michelle about Steve’s affair with Becky and Michelle is stunned.

Meanwhile, Becky discovers that not only has Steve dumped Michelle, but Jason has started divorce proceedings from Sarah to prove to her that he’s committed to their renewed relationship. Becky can’t believe that instead of being second best in both of her lover’s affections, she’s suddenly the frontrunner!

Molly and Tyrone are on cloud nine as they unwrap their wedding presents, but they’re concerned when they can’t find the tickets for the honeymoon. It doesn’t take long for Tyrone to work out that his low-life mother Jackie has stolen the rail tickets and done a runner.

Also, Tina finds out her dad is stony broke and has been living in his lock up.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle is stunned after finding out about Steve’s betrayal, but Steve tries to deny everything. Blanche can’t believe Steve’s gall and she tells Michelle that she saw Steve telling a packed courtroom that he was having an affair with Becky. A furious Michelle packs her bags to leave and Steve tries to explain, but realises that nothing he can say will make things better. Steve feels like a rat for hurting Michelle, but at the same time he is delighted that he can finally be with Becky. But when he heads out to find her he is gutted when he realises it’s too late – Becky is back with Jason.

Joe admits to Tina that he is in a financial mess and Tina is worried about what her dad is going to do about finding somewhere to live. Joe insists he will sort himself out and manages to manipulate an oblivious Gail into asking him to move into No 8 with her.

Tyrone struggles to come to terms with the fact that his mum stole his and Molly’s honeymoon. Pam comes to the rescue with an alternative holiday in the less glamorous surroundings of a caravan in Blackpool.

Also, Bill suggests starting a Rovers darts’ team when Eddie shows him and Joe his darts medals.

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