Irene informs Robbie and Tasha that Robbie’s trial has been scheduled for a week’s time. Sympathetic, Irene packs the young couple a picnic and they go on a romantic trip together. Meanwhile, Irene and Charity are looking after baby Ella when Irene is called to the Diner to cover a sick member of staff. Charity offers to take care of Ella, but Irene is instantly suspicious when she arrives at work to discover no staff member has called in sick.

Irene races home to find Charity and baby Ella missing – Charity has taken Ella away in her car, and tells the baby she’s taking her to see Mumma Rose!

Elsewhere, Amanda and Drew break from their kiss, but Amanda worries that things are moving too quickly and insists they keep their affair a secret. She returns home to Belle who’s still distraught that Drew has split up with her.

Later, Belle is out for a walk when she spots Drew with make-up on his shirt and demands to know what he’s been up to. Reluctantly, Drew admits he’s seeing someone else leaving Belle to storm home and fill Amanda in on Drew’s latest betrayal. Guilty Amanda arranges a secret meeting with Drew, but unbeknown to them, they’re being closely watched by Drew’s abductors…