Former stripper Robin is introduced to the Wisteria Lane neighbours by her new landlady Susan. All the men can’t seem to get enough of her and flirt furiously, while the women are immediately suspicious. We then see how Robin influences the lives of all her lady neighbours…

Lynette’s furious when she finds out her son Parker offered Robin money for sex and she confronts her. Then after she and Tom give Parker a grilling, she learns some uncomfortable truths about what Tom thinks of their sex lives.

Bree learns from Robin how to be more sensuous toward wheelchair-bound Orson, so she performs a strip for him to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite, but it all goes horribly wrong.

Gaby uses Robin to break up Ana and Danny by endorsing Gaby’s plan to send Ana away to New York to start a modelling career, while Susan becomes very jealous when Robin starts giving Mike massage sessions and after a big argument Robin decides to move out.

But most shocking is what happens with Katherine. The pair decide to become housemates, go out for a drink and get hit on by two guys. To get rid of them, the women end up snogging. But is it really pretend?

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