Now in the know about Robert’s affair with Aaron, Chrissie’s world is falling apart. But as the heartbreak takes its toll, she turns angry. Wanting revenge, she is gunning for her husband. In The Woolpack, Robert is desperate to get her in the back room before she can out his sordid secret to the locals. Good luck with that, Robert!

Meanwhile, Debbie is desperate to tell Pete the wedding is off. But as she meets up with her lover Ross and offloads her stress, she has no idea he’s got to delay their plan to run off together as jailbird Charity has tasked him to split up Moira and Cain or else she’ll tell everyone he’s the father her newborn son, Moses! Knowing he needs to get the job done, Ross is given food for thought when he spots Charity’s son Noah moping about.

Also, Val and Bob panic as the court case looms. Elsewhere, pregnant Vanessa takes Rhona along to a scan. Later, Adam confides his fears about becoming a father.