Libby cannot believe Lucas would kiss Steph, and is even more shocked when Lucas tells her he still loves Steph. Lucas tries to speak to Steph but Lyn won’t let him.

At Harold’s, Zeke notices that Susan is still constantly checking her phone. Worried that she is being bullied again, he asks her why. She assures him she is waiting to hear about an article, but when Karl and Susan are alone, he asks her what it’s really about. Susan tells him about the messages she’s been getting over Paul’s fall.

At the hospital, Rebecca encourages Susan to make amends with Lyn, reminding her they have been friends for over ten years. Later, they bump into Lyn and Susan invites her for a coffee. Lyn hesitates but finally agrees and the pair apologise for all the things they have said. As they are talking, Susan receives another message saying ‘I have proof. I did it.’ Susan shows Lyn who tells her she must go to the police.

When Susan gets another message, Lyn thinks that whoever it is has a guilty conscience and wants to be found out. When Susan tells the police, they tell her they have had several hoax calls and messages about the case. Susan’s phone rings, it’s Karl… Paul has woken up!

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