Lucas arranges Denise’s ‘suicide’

Lucas sends a message from Denise’s phone to Chelsea and Libby saying ‘I’m sorry’ then throws the phone into the canal. Denise’s abandoned car is found next to the canal and Patrick tells the police about the worrying text message from Denise’s phone. The police trawl the water for a body and Lucas watches as an arm breaks the surface of the water…

Phil is adamant that Ben won” be going to prison and he packs some of Ben’s things into a holdall. Shirley warns Phil that running away will only make things worse for Ben in the end. Shirley thinks she’s convinced Phil to stay but she overhears Phil telling Ben that they are leaving to stay with Grant tomorrow.

Ronnie gets a text on her birthday morning from Jack promising not to miss any of her birthdays again. Peggy goes ahead with the family dinner but the gathering is tense. Glenda upstages Peggy when she reveals her special present for Ronnie – she’s brought Jack from the hospital. After the dinner Ronnie takes Jack back to the flat and he proposes to her.

Also, Christian wants to sell his share in Masala Queen and open a gym; Darren is still homeless.

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