Libby decides to take a chance and agrees to go on a romantic date with Lucas, a stranger she met in Charlie’s when she helped him out of a humiliating situation. Things seem to be going well between them as they end up talking into the night.

But Steph is worried about Libby’s interest in a new man. Still psychologically traumatised by her scary experience with Jay, Steph is especially wary of strangers and fears for Libby’s wellbeing. Libby, however, assures Steph that all is above board with Lucas, unaware that he has a secret past…

Rachel finally gives in and reads Angus’s letter, but is stunned to learn he wants to see her. Feeling unable to go behind Susan’s back, Rachel asks her if she will accompany her to the prison.

Toadie makes a clumsy move towards Nicola which she rejects. She tries to make him feel better by telling him she would be interested in him romantically if she wasn’t already in love. Intrigued, Toadie asks her who she’s in love with, and is stunned when he learns the truth.

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