Determined to win Emilia back, Lucas goes to extremes to prove how open-minded he can be, stripping off in the garage, so she can take a photo of him! She agrees to give him another chance.

Still determined to earn a place in the surgery program, Rhys works to uncover his next target’s weakness. When he discovers Erin’s vulnerable and recently on the rebound, he decides to pursue her romantically as a means to divert her attention from her studies. Seeing Erin’s not Rhys’s type, Kate suspects he’s up to no good.

Upon learning Erin holds a spot in the program Rhys didn’t get into, her suspicions are confirmed – he’s trying to get her kicked out. Kate challenges Rhys, claiming no woman in her right mind would fall for his plan, but Rhys remains unshaken and has a win when Erin agrees to go on a date with him the night before an important class.

Worried she’s imposing on Toadie and his family, Susan organises to meet with a real estate agent. Her plan to move forward, however, is thwarted when she finds she and Priya have been double booked by the same agent. Susan tries to extend an olive branch to Priya but, discovering Susan works for Paul, Priya coldly rejects it. However, when she clocks Susan stuck in a compromising position, Priya softens and offers Susan the support she needs.