Lucas finds the details of Rhys’s planned trip to Japan and believes Vanessa’s going with him. Distraught, he confesses to Sonya that he’s in love with the mother of his child and she urges him to reveal his feelings to Vanessa.

Meanwhile, hiding the real reason for not wanting to join Rhys in Japan, Vanessa claims to be scared of flying. Rhys convinces her to try hypnosis, but it only reveals that she doesn’t mind flying at all. She eventually admits it’s because she doesn’t want to prevent Lucas from sharing the pregnancy and, when Rhys is fine with that, she changes her mind and seeks out Lucas to get his blessing. When she tells him about the trip, Lucas is reminded of her blossoming love for Rhys and can’t stand in her way. Heartbroken, he gives his blessing and clings to his last hope – if he can find a home for them she’ll change her mind.

Andrew has arranged a press conference for the launch of the app, but Ed discovers a glitch and it’s a race against the clock to fix it before time runs out. Ed and Tash manage to fix it in time and the launch is a success with one journo wanting to do a story on them. Andrew, however, thinks Ed shouldn’t be involved. Will Tash let Ed be cut out after all his hard work?