Lucas collapses!

Lucas encourages Vanessa to book the venue she wants for their wedding – and hang the expense. In order to cover costs he goes back to work at the garage but keeps it from Vanessa, who wants him to rest after his radiotherapy. After a hard day’s work Lucas collapses in pain – and there’s no one there to help him.

While Toadie’s busy trying to make up for being rude to Sonya’s Uncle Walter at lunch, the man in question is busy pawning the watch he stole from Susan and chatting up Sheila. After Toadie apologises to Walter, Walter helps himself to the key to the Men’s Shed, where he later encounters Ajay. Unaware that Walter is casing the joint, Ajay buys his story about having nowhere to stay – a story he passes on to Toadie. Later, Walter lies to Toadie about his need for cash and his fear of asking Sonya for money. Toadie invites Walter to stay in their house in an effort to please Sonya.

Sheila books The Right Prescription for a fill-in gig at Charlie’s but won’t give them a regular spot unless they mix things up a little. Her words spark Ajay into a song-writing session with Karl, who’s not keen to let go of control over the band.