Emelia sneaks up to Tash’s front door, leaving a present on the doorstep. However, when her car won’t start, Lucas comes to her aid, and the pair hit it off. Meanwhile, Michael continues to seek help from his therapist, however, he’s reluctant to talk about Tash and her mum, asking for help with relaxation instead. Later, Michael confesses to Tash that he’s seen a shrink, but plays it down. Back at home, Michael finds the present Emelia left for Tash, but will he work out who it’s from?

At the garage, Lucas and Emelia continue to get on very well, but when Lucas mentions that he works at Erinsborough High and is a friend of the principle, she makes her excuses and leaves.

Knowing the information Summer has about the development isn’t true, Dane tries to stop Summer from talking about it live on air, but too excited about the debate her information will stir up, she doesn’t give him the chance to explain.

Worried, Dane tries again to put Summer off, even asking Andrew to stop her going ahead with it. Andrew speaks to Paul, but he assures him everything is OK and Summer should run with it. Not convinced, Dane asks Paul if Summer’s likely to get into trouble, and as usual, Paul talks him round.