Rocked by Michael’s allegations about Emelia, Lucas quizzes her about the family she said she was in town to see. Uncomfortable with the questions she makes her excuses and leaves. However, unable to leave town, Emelia arrives at Lucas’s house, using the excuse of bringing over some lotion for his waxed chest. Not letting her leave again, he asks her what’s going on.

With the sit-in in full swing, Summer’s thrilled with the turn out. When Susan arrives, Summer thinks she’s there to cover the protest but instead, Susan tells her to stop what she’s doing. Adamant that the council will back down, Summer tells everyone to stay, but Susan warns her that if this doesn’t work, she’s responsible for all Year 12 students failing their exam.

When Toadie turns up explaining the council won’t back down, the students jump ship, leaving Summer and Andrew to protest alone. However, with 15 minutes until the exam, Andrew feels the pressure and leaves Summer to protest on her own. But she, too, caves in and heads for the exam hall.

Paranoid about Noah, Kate’s suspicious when she finds the lotion Emelia brought round for Lucas and assumes it’s from Noah. Seeing his guitar case outside the classroom, Kate puts the lotion inside, as Noah watches on. When Tash sees him with the bottle, he tells her it’s from his girlfriend!