Lucas confronts Steph!

Steph begs Lucas to give her another chance and points out that she was sick when she kidnapped Paddy, but Sonya argues against Steph staying. Lucas finally offers to give Steph her job back but it comes with conditions, including Toadie vouching for her if anything goes wrong.

Paige asks Tyler if he has heard about Mark wanting a new housemate but, still in love with her, Tyler suggests Daniel Robinson could be a contender. However, Tyler’s hopes of causing trouble between Paige and Mark backfire when they both say the ‘L’ word. Meanwhile, having talked through her feelings with Paige, Amber gives Brad the blessing to make things official with Lauren and encourages him to stay at the Turner house.

A rumour starts that Susan is being headhunted for a prestigious job at Eden Hills – but she’s shocked when she finds out she’s not the teacher Eden Hills Grammar wants… it’s Brad!