Callum feels on left out of his family as issues with Steph’s secret continue to prevent him from spending quality time with Toadie. But when Callum, Sophie and Ben escape from the boring adults to spend time with cool Uncle Lucas, Lucas and Steph are accidentally locked in the storeroom, giving them no escape from confronting their issues. Steph tells Lucas they can no longer work together and Lucas, determined to prove that Steph still loves him, pushes her too far and blows his chance.

Having outsmarted Mia, Zeke is collected from the police station in time for his eighteenth birthday. Not in the mood for celebrating, it takes a good chat with Donna to get him in the mood for the party. The warm family moment reminds Donna of what she has missed out on and she announces that she is going to try and find her dad. Kate and Zeke support her but wonder what has changed her mind.

However, Declan doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wishes he’d never found out who his dad was. Breaking the silence, he asks why the guy hasn’t tried to find Donna adding that he could be a total jerk.

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