Shocked that Vanessa feels so strongly about not moving in to the Williams place Lucas is driven to asking Rhys for advice but gets little help there. Rhys’s interest is piqued, however, and he questions Vanessa about her concerns, learning of her worries about her uncertain future.

Rhys advises her to just take one day at a time. Later, Lucas confronts Vanessa for turning down his gesture of good will and she suddenly agrees to move in. Lucas is over the moon but soon realises he has a long way to go before he wins her love.

Sonya goes along with Toadie’s control-freak birth coaching, attending classes and following his carefully planned schedule but when she discovers he’s booked her into a hospital for the birth she puts her foot down. Toadie insists it’s for the best but Sonya wants a home birth; she’ll have her baby the way she wants to!

Priya insists Rani wears her new glasses, causing friction between mother and daughter. When she realises Rani is self conscious of wearing them in front of her friends she buys her a cooler pair but her gesture goes unnoticed and Ajay gets the credit.