Worried about Lucas’s behaviour since his messy break-up with Belle, Tony calls on Ric to help keep Lucas occupied and out of the house. Ric takes Lucas to the Diner where they find Cassie and Matilda discussing ways to get funding for their counselling helpline venture. Colleen suggests they make a calendar, but she’s horrified when the girls decide to feature nude men, roping Ric and Lucas in as models.

Cassie lines up a photographer but has to turn to Belle at the last minute when the snapper lets her down. But when the shoot kicks off, the tension boils over between Lucas and Drew and an emotional Lucas ends up punching Drew, sending the camera smashing to the ground.

Sally has her reservations when smooth Cam introduces himself as Martha’s boyfriend and later tells Brad she fears that Martha is embarking on a relationship too soon after Ash, also revealing that Martha recently had an abortion.

Martha is furious when Brad lets slip that he knows about her abortion. She confronts Sally, telling her she’s unhappy that her trust has been betrayed. Upset, she heads back to the club and begins drinking and dancing on the bar, leaving Cam delighted.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday June 4*

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