Lucas finds himself in big trouble

Steph tries to stop Lucas from getting involved in a poker game with a shady bunch of guys. However, when Lucas’s gambling bug is fuelled by a small win he risks everything – only to lose. With no money to clear his debts, Lucas and Steph make a run for it. During the chase they find themselves hiding out in an abandoned lot. Pressed close together, their chemistry is undeniable. When Lucas is locked out he has to stay at Steph’s place. Confused by Lucas’s mixed messages, Steph reveals she has feelings for him, only to be met by a pointblank denial.

Sunny is unsure of how she really feels about Zeke and tries to run from Zeke’s outpouring of love. Sunny finally confesses that it’s not the gesture that she’s worried about, it’s the fact that she doesn’t know how she feels. Bridget advises her to just be honest and Sunny finds her own way to express how she feels.

With school about to return, Bridget faces the competing demands of motherhood and a scholastic career. In trying to do so, she finds common ground with Kate, who knows what it’s like to feel out of place in a teen world.

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