Lucas is spurred on by Paul’s advice suggesting he should find a way to get revenge on Toadie. Lucas is quick to realise that the best way to get at him is through Sonya. When Lucas deliberately gives the impression that something is happening between him and Sonya, Toadie blows a fuse, just as Lucas had hoped.

Sonya is horrified by their behaviour declaring that she doesn’t want anything to do with either of them. But Lucas’s suspicions that Toadie still has feelings for his ex have been confirmed. What will he do with this potent information?

The teen gang prepare for Orientation Day at University. And while Kate and Declan are pleased to be doing this together, Kate is feeling insecure. Declan hasn’t called her his girlfriend yet, and she just doesn’t know where she stands. Donna tells her to relax, but Kate can’t. There is only so much confusion she can stand, but she’s in for a big surprise.

Meanwhile, Donna throws herself into Orientation Day. Although she is pleased that all of her friends are in happy relationships, she just wishes she could turn back the clock.

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