Lucas gets some worrying news

It’s the day of baby Patrick’s surgery and Lucas and Vanessa are anxious and worried. They have him baptised, Vanessa and Lucas give blood just in case he needs it, then Patrick’s whisked away to the operating theatre. Now it’s a waiting game. After some time, Karl eventually arrives with the news that the operation’s been a great success and Patrick’s doing well. Vanessa and Lucas are thrilled, but Karl needs to discuss something with Lucas, privately. They’ve recognised a problem with Lucas’s blood and the worst case scenario is cancer…

Matt believes his threatening letter is from Robbo and tells the family they have to stop keeping secrets and deal with this together. Mason suspects Amber’s not on board with the idea, however, and realises she’s sent Robbo a text. The kids row about it but Matt decides the only option is to confess all to his superiors which might have implications for Bailey. Lauren has other ideas, though, and convinces Matt to stick to their plan and deal with it as a family.

Sheila finally persuades Paul to make her manager of Charlie’s and quickly hires another staff member, Pete. But Paul can see he’s been hired for his looks rather than his bar skills and wants him fired. Sheila manages to get a stay of execution and by the end of the day Paul has proven himself to be a hit with the clientele.