Lucas sees Owen talking to Denise and he follows Owen and tells him that his luck has run out. Lucas makes a phone call about Owen. Denise is frustrated when Owen confronts her again about marrying Lucas and she insists she won’t change her mind. Lucas watches as the police arrest Owen for breaching his bail.

Peggy asks Archie if he’s being straight with her about his cancer and he insists he is. At the doctor’s it seems that Archie has had bad news. Ronnie discovers that Peggy is seeing Archie and is furious and decides to take a break from the Square. Archie tells Janine that seeing Peggy is part of his plan to get the Vic. Janine tells Ryan that she’ll get her hands on the Vic for them both by marrying Archie!

Whitney boxes up the huge T-shirt order. Sam finds Bianca and Ricky up to something in the back of the van and Ricky confesses he ordered the T-shirts and asked for 500 by mistake instead of five! Whitney overhears and is devastated. Ricky, Bianca, Ryan and Janine team up to sell the T-shirts on Ryan’s stall and Whitney is grateful.

Also, Lucy visits Jane and begs her to come home; Sam can’t resist Jack.

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