Lucas hits rock bottom

Lucas slides further into self-destruction after being spurned by Elle and pursues a woman at Charlie’s. He brings her back to Toadie’s house and is caught making out with the mystery woman by Libby. When Lucas refuses to get help, Dan asks him to leave and he moves in with Steph.

When Lucas makes a pass at Steph she kicks him out as well. Hitting rock bottom, Lucas returns to Elle and is brutally honest about his feelings. However, with her trust shattered, Elle can’t bring herself to take him back. With Dan’s support, Lucas goes to his first Gambler’s Anonymous meeting and admits he has a problem. However, as he explains his story, Elle sneaks unseen into the back of the meeting just in time to hear that it was being trapped in surburbia and a relationship with Elle that drove Lucas to gamble.

Donna continues to search for her father, much to Zeke’s disapproval. Zeke enlists Karl’s help, who urges Donna to find a safer way to search. In order to prevent Karl mentioning it to Elle, Donna agrees to stop vlogging. However, she continues in secret.

Harry and Kate clash over the memory of their father. What secret is Kate keeping from her family?

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