Lucas is caught stalking Naomi

Naomi is disturbed to find Lucas asleep outside her house and calls Jack to pick him up. Lucas explains to his brother that he’s watching Naomi to get material for a story he’s writing about their failed relationship. Jack’s not impressed and makes it clear that if Lucas doesn’t leave Naomi alone, she may take out an AVO on him. Later, Naomi demands to read Lucas’s story and is taken aback by its intensity, but tells him it’s publishable material.

Despite moving in with Jazz, Drew manages to avoid her by spending all his time with Belle. Leah is disappointed when Drew reveals he’s living with Jazz because she bought him a car. Jazz finds it hard to win her son round until she tells him Belle can stay over any time he likes.

Belle thinks Irene will never agree but Jazz backs up Drew’s plan to tell Irene that they’ll be sleeping in separate beds. Irene buys the story and Belle expresses her gratitude to Jazz. But she’s so shocked by Jazz’s casual attitude towards their relationship, that she announces she won’t be staying over after all.

Also, the footy team prompt Geoff to drink too much, leaving him in a dangerous situation.

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