Lucas is in for a shock

Lucas continues to enjoy the single life and picks up an attractive girl at Charlie’s, much to the amusement of Rhys and Kate. When he returns home, however, there’s someone waiting for him with news that will rock his commitment-free life to the core. Vanessa has returned and she’s pregnant… with Lucas’s child.

No matter how hard Sophie tries, Priya will not allow her to return to school – she even ignores the pleas of Callum and Rani. But Kate thinks she knows what’s behind Priya’s attitude – she’s taking her animosity towards Paul out on his young ward – and she appeals to her to reconsider. Eventually, Priya relents and Sophie is allowed to returns to Erinsborough High.

Rhys teases Karl about Susan’s promotion, prodding his insecurities and making him question his own status. Then Karl discovers he’s inherited his bandmate’s old drumkit, which seems to give him a new lease of life.