Lucas is suspicious of Mark

At the garage, Mark asks Lucas to take care of Kate as he won’t be around for a while. When Lucas asks what he’s up to, he says it’s complicated. At Charlie’s, Kate has been stood up by Mark and Lucas becomes even more suspicious. When a bunch of flowers arrive for Kate, Lucas decides to see what Mark is up to and is shocked when he sees one of the motorbike riders in a police car.

At Charlie’s, Lucas sees Mark chatting to another girl while Kate’s in the bathroom and he asks her how she knows she can trust him. When Lucas sees Mark at Lassiter’s with the same girl, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and Mark tells him he’s an idiot for telling Kate he saw her with the girl earlier.

Kate is worried about Sophie and thinks she’s upset about the break-in, but when Kate returns home to find Sophie crying, she knows there’s more to it. Sophie tells her that she liked a boy and he told her he isn’t interested in front of everybody, but she won’t tell Kate who it is. Sophie goes to see Zeke and tells him she thinks he sucks.

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